Touchdown is the second mission in Sniper Assassin: Long Range Killing Machine.

The MissionEdit


We have been had, the man you elimated (sic) was nothing but a decoy! It seems that we have snakes within the group and I want them gone!

From our investigation, we were able to pinpoint who this (sic) traitors were. We need them eliminated before hunting down Mr.Johnson.

One of the targets will be arriving soon from China, make sure his foot doesn't touch our soil!

Mission NotesEdit

1. Eliminate one of the traitors.

2. He's coming back from China.

3. No innocent lives must be taken.


The assassination takes place in an airport, with a Japanese plane parked. Later on a Chinese plane comes in, notable by the Chinese flag on it's tail.


The target is a traitor within the government agency, who recently visited China prior to the assassination.


The player must wait until a second plane with the name "China Airlines" parks at the tarmac. As soon as this plane arrives, a lone stickman will exit the plane. This stickman is the target.

Failure MessageEdit

(When a civilian is shot) You killed and (sic) innocent person

Success MessageEdit

Great job! Proceed to your next mission.