The Target is the first mission in Sniper Assassin: Long Range Killing Machine.

The MissionEdit


Good day, our intelligence reports that "Mr Johnson" head of FFG Corp. will be out for the Baseball game this weekend. FFG Corp. is currently the leading manufacturer of textile in the country but according to our sources inside, the company is also the leading distributor of cocaine in America. Your job is to eliminate Mr. Johnson on his way back from the game. Make sure that you eliminate your target,we won't tolerate having innocent casualties.

Mission NotesEdit

1. Eliminate Mr. Johnson.

2. He just came back from watching the baseball game.

3. No innocent lives must be taken.


The assassination takes place in an urban area, filled with civilians.


The target is a person who is believed to be Mr. Johnson, who returned from a baseball game.


The target is the only person walking that has a baseball cap on. The target always walks onscreen from the left.

Failure MessageEdit

(When a civilian is shot) You killed and (sic) innocent person

Success MessageEdit

Good job! Proceed to your next mission.