Sniper Assassin II: Long Range Killing Machine (Sometimes shortened to Sniper Assassin II) is the sequel to Sniper Assassin: Long Range Killing Machine and the second installment in the Sniper Assassin series. It was made by Ultimate Flash Game Archive.


After the events of Neighborhood Cleaning II, the main character Shawn Davidson had returned to his home to find his wife hanging on a noose with a bullet in her skull. This traumatizes Shawn enough to decide to leave the government agency, and become a mercenary. After completing missions for people, Shawn recieves an email from his old agency co-worker Ben, saying that he knows a target with details about his wife's murder. The target is revealed to be a fourth traitor to the agency. Shawn captures and interrogates the traitor, who reveals that he knows information about Mr. Johnson that could be of use to the agency. The game ends on this cliffhanger.