Prison Break is the fourth mission in Sniper Assassin: Long Range Killing Machine.

The MissionEdit


Now the last of the traitors got so terrified of getting killed that he had himself arrested by punching a police. He's now being held in the state prison.

He will be transferred at another prison this Friday, the prsioners to ride the bus are piled alphabetically A-Z, his lastname is Geofovitch.

Mission NotesEdit

1. Eliminate the last traitor.

2. The prisoners are piled alphabetically.

3. The prisoners last name is Geofovitch.

4. No innocent lives must be taken. (including guards)


The assassination takes place at a state prison surrounded by guards, during the transferring of prisoners from another state prison by bus.


The target is a traitor within a government agency and a prisoner who is being transferred to another prison at the time of the assassination. The target has the last name Geovitch.


The prisoners are loaded onto the bus in alphabetical order. Given the target's last name, "Geovitch", the target is the seventh prisoner to enter the bus.

Failure MessageEdit

(When shooting a guard or the wrong prisoner) You killed and (sic) innocent person

Success MessageEdit

Now back to business...