Neighborhood Cleaning II is the sixth and final mission in Sniper Assassin: Long Range Killing Machine.

The MissionEdit


We really got Mr.Johnson's attention there, but he's not getting out into the clear yet and these goddamn intel people of ours are not working fast enough to track him down!

The next warehouse is heavily protected, make sure nobody escapes. Eliminate everyone in there.

Mission NotesEdit

1. Kill all the guards first.

2. There are 4 guards in this warehouse.

3. Everybody must be eliminated.


The assault takes place at one of Mr. Johnson's cocaine warehouses.


The targets are the 4 guards and the three warehouse workers.


The guard at the top left should be killed first, as he will set off the alarm if the other two on the top floor are killed. After he is killed, the three other guards should be killed, because they will set off the alarm if any of the workers are killed. After that, the workers can be killed easily.

Failure MessageEdit

(Shooting a guard and getting caught) The alarm was setoff (sic) and you were spotted

(Shooting a worker before shooting all the guards) You've set off the alarm and got caught! Make sure to kill all the guards first.

Success MessageEdit

Where the hell are you Mr.Johnson?! To be continued...