Neighborhood Cleaning is the fifth mission of Sniper Assassin: Long Range Killing Machine.

The MissionEdit


Splendid work! now (sic) that we are clear of those traitors we can now proceed. Apparently Mr.Johnson is still in hiding so while our intel are working their ass-off looking for him, lets (sic) do a little neighborhood cleaning.

Your mission is to secure Mr. Johnson's cocaine warehouses. Just to piss him off.

Mission NotesEdit

1. Neighborhood clearing time!

2. Kill the guards first.

3. Kill everyone in the warehouse.


The assault takes place at one of Mr. Johnson's warehouses.


The targets are the 6 guards and the 2 workers in the warehouse.


First, the 6 guards that are frequenting the warehouse should be killed, because they will alert the warehouse if anyone else is killed. They can be killed in any order. Secondly, the workers on the lifts should be killed.

Failure MessageEdit

(If a guard finds a body) You've set off the alarm and got caught! Make sure to kill all the guards first.

Success MessageEdit

One more warehouse to raid...