Mansion is the third mission in Sniper Assassin: Long Range Killing Machine.



Great job! now (sic) we only have 2 more traitors to take care of. The death of one of them got the other 2 in high alert that they even hired body guards to protect their miserable lives.

Your next target is hiding in his mansion somewhere, find him! Remember to shoot only your target when no one is looking to prevent further problems.

Mission NotesEdit

1. Eliminate the traitor inside his mansion.

2. Make sure you shoot him while the guards are not looking.

3.No innocent lives must be taken.(including guards)


The assassination takes place at a mansion, surrounded by armed body guards.


The target is a traitor within a government agency. He is located directly above the doorway, typing on a desktop computer.


The player must wait for the guard patrolling outside of the target's window to pass. The guard cannot be shot. Before passing the window, the guard will look back and forth a couple of times before moving on, which should be watched out for. Once the guard passes, the target can be shot. If the player is not fast enough in shooting the target, the guard will make another pass around the window.

Failure MessageEdit

(When a guard has been shot) You killed and (sic) innocent person

Success MessageEdit

Only one more traitor to clean...