Mission Briefing:

Ben:Now we have three of them,Unfortunaly,the first one don't know where Mr.J is.The second one was knocked in the head and he's still out cold.

That only leaves us one suspect to interroagate.Think you can handle this Shawn?Let's make him spit out what he knows.

Charlie:We need all the infomation we can get.This is the top guy we are looking for so we need to be extremely cautious.

Mission Objective:Edit

Shoot the info out of him.


This is a bit hard,so be ready.You will be using a colt pistol for this.There are 8 bullets.You cant shoot him in the head as we need him to be alive.Shoot him on his two limbs(two legs two hands) and the mission is complete.Also,the wheel holding the target is spining.So move your accurate hands and blast him burst.Level code(colt)