Level 8 is the eighth mission in Sniper Assassin II: Long Range Killing Machine.

The MissionEdit


You persuaded our kidnapper pretty good, he told us the location of their hideout. Its (sic) in a small hut along the mountain pass.

This is the last job I have for you. Get over there and kill them all. Expect the place to be heavily guarded, spare no one.

Your paycheck will be ready upon your return.


The mission takes place outside of the hideout, which is a hut in front of a mountainous area.


The targets are 5 guards guarding the the hut.


The 2 guards to the left can be killed anytime the player wants, as they do not notice any other guards dying. The guard second to the right in the building will notice the blue bandana guard and the roof guard dying, so he must be taken out first. The roof guard will notice the blue bandana guard dying, so he must be taken out second, and then the blue bandana guard is safe to take out.

Failure MessageEdit

(If a guard sees another guard dying) Kill them one by one without others noticing. Shoot them in the right order.

Level CodeEdit



M107 SASR .50 caliber