Mission Briefing:

Charlie:Now that we killed another henchmen,it's time to set up a notch and get the remaining two.According our prisoner,the targets usually traverse route 18 a limousine every weekend.

This is a good time for capturing both henchmen.Get over there and wait for a black limo to passby.Stop them at all cost but seeing as our guy doesn't know where Mr.J is.We need to capture the two guys alive.

Mission Objective:Edit

Stop the limousine.Do not hurt the innocent.


This mission is quite easy,as you need to spot the black limousineand not hurt the innocent.Forturntely,there is a truck nearby the right of the road with have some cylinders on it.Shoot the black wire holding the cylinders when the limousine arrives and you will complete the mission

Level Code(passerby)