Mission Briefing:

Ben: Interroagation was a walk in the park,he told gave us some info after receiving a few punches.

Anyway,the guy doesn't know where the leader is,but he know where the other guys from the four are.

This one guy loves to play golf but is heavily surrounded by body guards.Finish them off then get the next guy.I'm sure this will be easy for a guy like you.

Mission Objective:Edit

Kill ALL the hiding snipers before the target arrives.


Your hands must be trembiling a while after this mission,(like me) but it will be alright.There are 6 guards hiding behind the bushes and trees.Be sure to take out them before the target arrives.When all guard are down,the target will come quickly.He will be driving his golf car quite slowly,no windows,just him.Kill all the guards and target to complete this Level Code:(par)