Level 6 is the sixth mission in Sniper Assassin II: Long Range Killing Machine.

The MissionEdit


My son has gone missing a few weeks ago; we got a call demanding ransom money in exchange for my son's safety.

However the police found my son floating at the lake - already dead. The damn kidnappers still pretends (sic) that they have my son with them and still demands (sic) ransom!

I'll be meeting one of the kidnappers in front of a pizza restaurant, immobilize him so we could capture and squeeze some info out of him.


The capture takes place outside of a pizza restaurant in a busy city street.


The target is one of the kidnappers and murderers of the client's son.


There is a man waiting outside of the restaurant door with a briefcase; this is the client. There will be a man in glasses who approaches from the northwest to the client to stop and talk with him; this is the target. The target can only be shot when he approaches the client to talk to him.

Failure MessageEdit

(When the wrong person has been shot, or the target was shot before meeting the target) Wait for the target to stop and talk with the client. Shoot him when the target is near the client so he could carry the target out from public eye.

Level CodeEdit



Dragunov SVD

Tranquilizer ammunition