Level 4 is the fourth level in Sniper Assassin II: Long Range Killing Machine.

The MissionEdit


A man tried to rape my daughter; we caught him and took his ass to court.

But our corrupt judicial system allowed bail and now this man is to be set free!

Final bail hearing will be tomorrow, kill this man so he may not cause harm to anyone again.

They pay the judge to set him free; now I'll pay you to bring judgement upon him.


The assassination takes place outside of a court, where the target is being walked to a limo by a group of men.


The target is a man who attempted to rape the client's daughter. He was set free on bail.


The target must be killed before he reaches the limo. The target is the only moving stickman who is not wearing glasses. The target is also placed somewhat in the middle, which should make it easy to point him out from the others.

Failure MessageEdit

(When a civilian is killed or the target reaches the limo) Take out the target before he reaches the limo. Avoid unecceessary deaths.

Level CodeEdit



M107 SASR .50 caliber