Mission Briefing:

Ben:Great,looks like HQ is sending us one of their intel agents to help us out.It looks like the agency wants to stop the FFG Corps once and for all.

The agent's name is Charlie,and they want us to help him catch a drug pusher downtown.Looks like well is going to start again at the bottom but that is better shooting any tom,dick and whoever.

Charlie will contact you on the scene for further instuctions.

Mission Objective:Edit

Wait for Charlie's instructions,do not kill the pusher we need to squeeze some infomation.


After aceppting the mission, Charlie(called a chick later in the game by Ben) Given you instruction to knock out a drug pusher.The instrctions will be given to you on the scene.Charlie will ask you to knock out a smoking guy.But how to not kill him? Fret not, There is a bar which has two wires on it.Shooting the left side is the correct one,thus completing the mission.Level Code(charlie)