Level 3 is the third level in Sniper Assassin II: Long Range Killing Machine.

The MissionEdit


Help! I think there's a maniac in our dorm, every time I go back from class, some of my underwear are missing.

Please take care of this guy before he thinks of targeting more than my underwear.

My dorm is at the second floor facing the lake.


The assassination is set at a dormitory at a college, with a tree and a lake visible outside.


The target is a man who steals the client's underwear from his room.


The target is in the room to the far right on the second floor. He can be seen pawing through a drawer.

Failure MessageEdit

(When a civilian has been shot) Do not kill the innocent. The client's room is at the second floor facing the lake.

Level CodeEdit



M107 SASR .50 calibre