Mission Briefing:So you haven't lost your touch huh? For a moment there I thought you forgot how to snipe.

We got another mission in our hands.This time a kidnap for ransom gang is extorting money form a famous politician. They said they have his daughter and will kill her if he doesn't 3 million grand.

Go there,and take care of all of them.Our butts will be screwed by this big shot if we don't pull this off.

Mission Objectives:Edit

Kill all the kidnappers.Do not let ANYONE escape.


This mission has a order:To kill which kidnappers first.When you start the mission,Soon,a black car will pull up.A person will be walking towards the car.The door will also open.A kidnapper will be behind the kidnapper holding an AK-47.Kill him first,then kill the kidnapper holding the rifle.Then,kill the guy walking to the car.Your mission here will be complete(Level Code:papa)