Mission Briefing:

Ben:The bait got wind what we did to the car and decided to run away.Luckily,he does't know how you looks like.

According to the rats we found,the big shot will be hosting a party tonight.Leave no evidence,they might run away if they see the rukcus.

Mission Objectives:Edit

Kill all the guards so you can sneak in.Hide the bodies in the dark or cover them up to avoid detection.


There are four guards,check thier line of sight.Shoot the light the guard is standing below it.After you shot the light,shoot the guard beneath it.Then,while the two patroling guards turn their backs againest the remaining standing guard,kill the standing guard,shoot the branch on top of the guard and cover up the kill.Then,shoot the guard while he is near the bush and this will cover him.While the guard heading to the pond,quickly shoot the guard near the bush before he turns arounds.Finally,shoot the remaining guard where he's headed to the pond.Shoot him before he turns around and his body will fall into the pond.The mission is complete like this.