Mission Briefing:

Ben:*$(&#!!! taking Charlie hostage,DAMN IT!

I will organize a rescue team for he--

Wha?You wanaa personally go to the location?well Shawn if you insist i guess i take the suspect off your hands and look for infomation.Use the new tools to your advantage.Good luck Shawn.

Mission Objective:Edit

Get Charlie out of the hideout alive after  you just open up the door for ben put the body in than go save chairlie.


This is the most hardest SA 4 mission of all,as you have over 20 enemies to look out for Charlie.Shoot the rope holding Charlie,and she will walk her way out.The guys in the warehouse are armed with guns and melees,most common melees,they will try either backstabbing Charlie or chargin infront.On the second floor,Shoot the two ropes holding the big floor tile to let Charlie walkthrough it.After you complete the mission,You will return to HQ,you will find Ben is killed and before his death,he used his remaining blood to indicate where Mr.J is which reads"FFG First warehouse"Then SA 5,will commence.Level code(noctural)